Where did it all start?

 That's me in the middle, modeling for    Sarah Moon    in the 1970's in Paris.

That's me in the middle, modeling for Sarah Moon in the 1970's in Paris.

I got an early taste for photography growing up in paris and modeling for Sarah Moon, who was at the height of her powers in the early 1970’s. Later as a young adult and without making the connection I went to study photography at Bournemouth college of art. By the end of my studies I had made the connection and went back to see Sarah Moon in Paris with a box of prints from college. Sarah claimed she remembered me and wanted to introduce me to her husband who ran the center for photography in Paris and get me an exhibition of my work! It felt like a cinderella moment. For some reason I thought she was just being polite and anyway, I told myself, I couldn’t afford to be an artist because I was so broke. After a few years and having started my career in photography, I went back to see Sarah with a portfolio full of editorial work. Again she was effusive and introduced me to her agent, Renate. Within a few months of meeting Renate I got an excited call from her saying that Martin Margiela wanted me to shoot his first collection for the Hermes catalogue! She was beside herself, in a reserved parisienne kind of way. I had no idea who Martin was and considered Hermes a stogy boutique for grannies buying scarves…

I did the assignment and had the most inspiring time of my commercial career working with Martin. We spent an afternoon sitting on his office floor going through contact sheets and polaroids talking back and forth about the merits of different images.

Shortly thereafter I got a call from Banana Republic to shoot their catalogues and eventually dragged my wife and three boys to live in Brooklyn and become US citizens.

Along the way I worked with Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Interview Magazine, Estee Lauder, GQ, M.A.C, Vogue, Elle, Kenneth Cole, Samsung, Entertainment Weekly, Nike, Visa, Sony, GE, Honda, Esquire, Bobbi Brown and many, many others. I also won a few photography awards at the AOP and a few at PANL .

What is my work about?


I guess in many ways, my personal images are about dreaming and escaping. Sometimes they are about stories and other times about capturing a moment or capturing the essence of a person.

Social documentary fine-art photography is something I tell myself that when I can retire from having to make money, I will go and do. I like filmic series of pictures. Pictures that are pure mood.

I wish I could paint. My mother was an art therapy teacher and my stepfather a fine art painter who didn’t pursue painting. So i was surrounded by paintings and was dragged to the Louvre often. But i was also told it wasn’t a reliable career. But I still often look at Renaissance paintings and Photorealism paintings, and wonder if I should pick up a brush? I have never put it to the test, but those images find their way back in to my work in many different ways. 

At the end of the day, it isn’t so much about style or subject or genre. I am just really passionate about images and how they can communicate feelings.